Graham Smith

Graham Smith, Individual Authors and Artists

Graham Smith

Graham Smith is an ancient rhymer whose history is shrouded in the mists of time. He may have moved to Long Beach under the cover of a marine layer. Allegedly a former lawyer, he has an affinity for brief poetry. He and his stout companions have been known to frequent coastal taverns, where he sometimes writes three line poems on bar napkins. His work can be found in the anthologies Cadence Collective: Year One and Year Two, and in Gutters & Alleyways: Perspectives on Poverty and Struggle. Find more at

His chapbook, bar napkins for beginners, is available with illustrations by Fernando Gallegos in full-color from Sadie Girl Press.


Born to Electrify

Available Now, Poetry Chapbooks

Debut chapbook, Born to Electrify, by Raquel Reyes-Lopez. Cover art by Esmeralda Villalobos. 45 pages, perfect bound, available through Sadie Girl Press Bookstore and MADE by Millworks in Long Beach.View sample poems on

“Raquel Reyes-Lopez uses fragile imagery like eyelashes and hummingbirds to discuss issues of being a woman — love, motherhood, miscarriage. But these are not fragile poems, they are strong and brave words. Reyes-Lopez is a powerful new voice in SoCal poetry.” -G. Murray Thomas

Cadence Collective: Year One Anthology

Art and Poetry Anthologies, Available Now

Full length collection, Cadence Collective: Year One Anthology, edited by Sarah Thursday. 180 pages, perfect bound, anthology with 57 contributors. Over 110 poems selected from the first 12 months of by 20 volunteer readers.  Available  through  Sadie Girl Press Bookstore  and MADE by Millworks in Long Beach.

“This anthology highlights the best of the website’s first full year. It will move you in surprising ways. It should be read more than once. Under the seeming simplicity of these poems are meanings to be unlocked and understood. Read one in the morning, and it will stay with you all day until you find yourself opening it again before you go to bed.” -John Brantingham

Raquel Reyes-Lopez

Individual Authors and Artists, Raquel Reyes-Lopez


Raquel Reyes-Lopez is a fresh twenty-something-year-old Gemini and co-host of Moon Pixel monthly reading series at Half Off Books. She is assistant editor of and many Sadie Girl Press publications. She has had poems published with RattleBank Heavy-Press, Cadence Collective, East Jasmine Review, River’s Voice, Kleft Jaw Press, Poetry in Motion, and San Gabriel Valley Poetry Quarterly. She also has work in Cadence Collective: Year One and Year Two, Gutters & Alleyways: Perspectives on Poverty and Struggle, and Like a Girl: Perspectives on Feminine Identity. Her debut chapbook, Born to Electrify, is published by Sadie Girl Press. Follow her on WordPress.

Nancy Lynée Woo

Individual Authors and Artists, Nancy Lynée Woo


Nancy Lynée Woo has been writing poems since she was 8 years old but is only recently out of denial that she does in fact write poems. (She does in fact write poems!) She is so fortunate to have found a lovely poetry home in Long Beach, CA with the fine folks of the Poetry Lab. She’s been a featured reader with Rose Writers of Amherst Writers & Artists, the Poetry Lab and the Pondwater Society. Her chapbook, Rampant, published by SGP in 2014, is now in its second print run. Recently, she has fulfilled her dream of running a press dedicated to social justice called Lucid Moose Lit. She has poetry included in Cadence Collective: Year One and Year Two and is the co-editor of Gutters & Alleyways: Perspectives on Poverty and Struggle, and Like A Girl: The Pre-Show! and Like a Girl: Perspectives on Feminine Identity.You can follow her on Twitter @fancifulnance.

Sarah Thursday

Individual Authors and Artists, Sarah Thursday



Photo by Mick Victor

Sarah Thursday is a music obsessed, Long Beach poetry and arts advocate. In addition to writing poetry, she designs and publishes books, hosts readings, workshops, and a poetry book club. She has run a website called, co-hosted a monthly reading with G. Murray Thomas, and runs Sadie Girl Press as a way to help publish local and emerging poets and artists. She has been published in many fine journals and anthologies and received a 2017 Best of the Net nomination for “To the Men who told me my Love was not enough.” Her chapbooks, Seventeen Poems Not About a LoverUnanchored, and The Unnamed Algorithm, and her full-length collections, All the Tiny Anchors  and Conversations with Gravel are all available at the Sadie Girl Press Bookstore. She also is the editor of Cadence Collective: Year One and Year Two,  Then & Now: Conversations with Old Friends, and Incandescent Mind, as well as the co-editor of Gutters & Alleyways: Perspectives on Poverty and StruggleLike A Girl: The Pre-Show! and Like a Girl: Perspectives on Feminine Identity. Follow her at or on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.