Nancy Lynée Woo

Individual Authors and Artists, Nancy Lynée Woo


Nancy Lynée Woo has been writing poems since she was 8 years old but is only recently out of denial that she does in fact write poems. (She does in fact write poems!) She is so fortunate to have found a lovely poetry home in Long Beach, CA with the fine folks of the Poetry Lab. She’s been a featured reader with Rose Writers of Amherst Writers & Artists, the Poetry Lab and the Pondwater Society. Her chapbook, Rampant, published by SGP in 2014, is now in its second print run. Recently, she has fulfilled her dream of running a press dedicated to social justice called Lucid Moose Lit. She has poetry included in Cadence Collective: Year One and Year Two and is the co-editor of Gutters & Alleyways: Perspectives on Poverty and Struggle, and Like A Girl: The Pre-Show! and Like a Girl: Perspectives on Feminine Identity.You can follow her on Twitter @fancifulnance.


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